Classroom Training Schedule

Learning a new technology and to lead a Job role is not easy. With instructor-led Classroom Training opted from Sri Vidya Technologies, you can develop skills that directly transfer from the classroom to the workplace. Each classroom software training course includes the planning, design, implementation, management, and support phases of the technology adoption of the course.

We as a team believe that “Every new invention started in the classroom and then it was an implementation on the platform of the industry”, hence every student who comes into the classrooms of Sri Vidya Technologies is made to understand the skills demanded by the industry and is mentored to lead a responsible role for the benefit of the industry.

Sri Vidya Technologies fairly opts for instructor-led classroom training, where every trainer is trained before he interacts for with the students to be a mentor in building the industrial skills and professional attitude what exactly the industry demands. All our trainers associate as a team in training and building the various skills, hence the students never feel the difference when they are moving between various technologies in their training path.

Sri Vidya Technologies believes that “The classroom is the first step where the students begins his journey towards the industry” and every second of his stay within our class rooms counts for the success in their career. To make the student sharpen his “Personality of Professionalism”, our classrooms are well equipped by the infrastructure and architecture as demanded by the variants of software technologies.

As a team we in Sri Vidya Technologies make the students realize the challenging trends that are up-coming in the fields of the software industry, every student is transformed from the basics to the advanced implementations in the product and application development. Irrespective of the students academic performance the student gains the standards of the industrial trends and technologies, every trainer is mentored by the academic training research division to mentor the students as per the industrial standards

Course NameDateTimeRegistration
Artificial IntelligenceFeb 01 20217:30 AMRegister
AWSFeb 01 20217:30 AMRegister
TableauFeb 01 20217:30 AMRegister
Data ScienceFeb 01 20217:30 AMRegister
DevOpsFeb 01 20217:30 AMRegister
PythonFeb 01 20217:30 AMRegister
DotNetFeb 01 20217:30 AMRegister
JavaFeb 01 20217:30 AMRegister
Digital MarketingFeb 01 20217:30 AMRegister
Linux AdministrationFeb 01 20217:30 AMRegister
WorkdayFeb 01 20217:30 AMRegister
Office 365Feb 01 20217:30 AMRegister
Sales ForceFeb 01 20217:30 AMRegister
Power biFeb 01 20217:30 AMRegister
MSBIFeb 01 20217:30 AMRegister
MulesoftFeb 01 20217:30 AMRegister
ServiceNowFeb 01 20217:30 AMRegister

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