Corporate Training Schedule

Corporate Software Training is an execution of improving the workforce in order to make them proficient of handling modern business competitions by improving their approach and productivity and thus, making effective utilization of resources. Business organizations notified the necessity of Corporate Training for Enterprise Level Companies to maximize profits with available resources at a reasonable budget.

Every software industry strives very hard to keep its resources in-time with the improvements in the trends of the technological changes, for which they have a shortage of knowledge delivery personnel, this is where Naresh IT comes into action, with its Corporate Software Training division.

We the team of Sri Vidya Technologies can fill the vacuum of gap to the Corporate Companies by delivering full and highly trained professionals for your Corporate Training needs. our Corporate Trainers can come upto your demand of quality and standards as they are well advanced in their implementation of the new technologies that arise from day-to-day researches in the IT industry.

Corporate Companies can just keep themselves confident once they come into the contract with corporate training with Sri Vidya Technologies, as we deliver only such trainers who can improve the efficiency and quality in your workforce for handling modern business competitions in a proficient way, our team mainly concentrates in improving the approach of logistics and in turn making the graph of productivity of the corporate to be linear in profits.

Our team is well mentored in our research training division to deliver the required standards by improving the approach and productivity of your human resource, and helps your resource management divisions to make use of your human resources effectively in critical times.

Sri Vidya Technologies can tailor its training methods as per the demands of the Corporate Companies and we can customize our schedules as to your demands that arise from time to time, we always believe in making business through relations hence we always try to fit our corporate training methods to basket to your budget with reasonable price tags.

Our Clients have achieved significant growth in the productivity of their employees after our Corporate Training Programmes.

A few of our clients are Landmark IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Quadone Technologies, Sameva Software Services, Davis Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd., BSNL, Foursoft, Netripples Software Pvt. Ltd, State Bank of India, SynchroServe India Pvt Ltd., HSBC, Dhanush Infotech and many more.

Course NameDateTimeRegistration
Artificial IntelligenceFeb 01 20217:30 AMRegister
AWSFeb 01 20217:30 AMRegister
TableauFeb 01 20217:30 AMRegister
Data ScienceFeb 01 20217:30 AMRegister
DevOpsFeb 01 20217:30 AMRegister
PythonFeb 01 20217:30 AMRegister
DotNetFeb 01 20217:30 AMRegister
JavaFeb 01 20217:30 AMRegister
Digital MarketingFeb 01 20217:30 AMRegister
Linux AdministrationFeb 01 20217:30 AMRegister
WorkdayFeb 01 20217:30 AMRegister
Office 365Feb 01 20217:30 AMRegister
Sales ForceFeb 01 20217:30 AMRegister
Power biFeb 01 20217:30 AMRegister
MSBIFeb 01 20217:30 AMRegister
MulesoftFeb 01 20217:30 AMRegister
ServiceNowFeb 01 20217:30 AMRegister

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